Why Suicide By Cop?

People often ask me where the name “Suicide By Cop” comes from. If you want to read about the phenomenon itself, then Wikipedia gives a pretty good explaination.

Within the context of this band, it was more a case of the name kind of choosing the band, rather than us choosing a name for the band.

I was inspired primarily by the series of films called “Zeitgeist” and the reference is more metaphoric than literal. As a society, we are (without realising) commiting Suicide By Cop. We are allowing authority to impose so many rules, allowing (mainstream) media to curb our individuality and corrupt our outlook on each other with misinformation. We are allowing ourselves to be led by authorities who use fear, hatred and envy to control our behaviour, to ensure our submission to their will. From the “X-Factor” to corporate pressures to religious ideals through to the so called “War On Terror”, the general populus are led like sheep, day in day out.

The name just came to me after watching the films and this coupled with my friend Johna saying to me that “punk is probably more relevant now than it ever was”, I decided that I had to set up the band and say a few things to the world. Not all of our songs quite take this lyrical direction but most of them take a sociological viewpoint.

Musically, we are not a straight punk band but that is certainly where we all stem from. Stevie Ward and I played in a punk band just prior to SBC, Mick’s all time favourite era for music is the post punk of the late 70’s and early 80’s, Kaz is a huge punk fan and Steve Malley is well into the goth scene. Having said all that, we are not really  into pigeon holing. Take a listen to the songs for yourselves and make your own mind up.

It didn’t come as much of a surprise to me that there were other bands with the same name, some which existed long before us, some who are currently operating and some who have set up since we started. The other outfits we have come across have been either US or mainland Europe based anyway so it is unlikely, certainly in the short term that we shall ever cross paths. With the exception of one kid from Youngstown, Ohio who calls himself “Black Mike” getting snotty with us, it has generally not been a problem.

For the reasons explained above, I have never even considered renaming the band. We might not be the first to use the name, I would bet that we won’t be the last but one thing is for sure, we are called Suicide By Cop for a reason !

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