2011 – New Year, New Start

2011 and a new year and new start for us cops. After discussions and the realisation of certain incompatibilities, Mick has decided to leave the band. Mick has been with us from the beginning in January 2009. Often keyboardists are assumed to be an add-on instrument but this was certainly not the case with Mick. His musical contribution was significant and his part in creating the songs we have up to press will continue to be valued.

In the short term, we shall be continuing as a four-piece and will be taking some time to rejig / reshape the sound. It is not known at this time which of the current songs we will continue to play with the modified line-up but we’ll give them all a go and see what works. It will also be a good opportunity to work on some new material. We are all itching to get back into the studio and get practicing again after our 2 month hiatus.

As far as a replacement for Mick goes, if a prospective keyboardist turns up, then we will certainly consider it but good ones are notoriously difficult to find. We have also briefly discussed the possibility of adding an additional guitarist into the mix instead if the right person comes along but for the foreseeable future, we are happy as we are.

Our next planned gig will be at Delius in mid-March as part of Mind The Music 3. More news on this as it unfolds.

Happy new year everyone!

By Idle Hands Posted in News

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