Suicide Summer

Well, how’s it all going folks? We are approaching the latter half of this year’s summer and let me tell you it has been a blast for us. In the last 5 months or so since March, we have played 8 gigs at 7 different venues and we have also taken 6 weeks or so off over the last couple of months as we reached the inevitable period of summer where we all had other commitments. This is compared with all of 2010, where we played 7 gigs all year, 6 of which were at the same venue. It has been very liberating to break out of that rut. We are hardly the busiest of bands by a long chalk but it has been great to get about a bit and it has been nice when venues have wanted us back. The chemistry has also been great working as a 4-piece and we are more in sync with each other than ever before.

We hope to get some more recording done in the back end of the summer/towards autumn so keep checking back for details of that.

Our next gig is on 16th September down at The Brewery Tap in Idle. It’s a bash to celebrate our good friend Theresa’s 40th and we’ll be playing with The Negatives and The Drastics. It will be a right good shindig, so get down if you can.

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