A new chapter

So, after a blinding farewell gig to Stevie last week we have embarked upon the next part of our journey.

We are very pleased to introduce our new drummer Liam Brook. Liam was previously the vocalist for Bradford punk outfit The Drastics and whilst he did a fine job of that, he is also an excellent sticks man. This is his first time behind a kit in many years but after a short, yet very productive rehearsal last night, we feel that he is going to fit right in.

Work has begun in earnest on getting some new material together and we are taking the opportunity to give the band a long overdue spring clean and reboot. We hope to be back playing live later in the year with a fresh outlook, a new set and a new sound. We’ll still be playing some of the old favourites but our main priority for the foreseeable future is to start afresh.

Over the next few days all of our various online pages will be updated to reflect the line-up change. We would like to extend a warm welcome to Liam and we very much look forward to new adventures with him onboard. 🙂

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