Suicide By Cop are a 4-piece band from Bradford, UK. They play music which can best be described as post-punk/new wave rock. They have a plethora of influences between them and they have experience of playing a wealth of sounds in various past projects.

The idea for the band came about in late 2008. Alec Marlow and Steve Ward left their previous band Wild Trash and approached keyboardist Mick Dunn about setting up something which was still punk rock in essence, yet a bit more musical and lyrically creative in nature. Kaz Waye was then added to the mix with her powerful singing voice and after a couple of false starts, Steve Malley joined the fold with his goth style bass.

The band kicked off as a 5-piece in January 2009 playing gigs in and around the local area. Just over a year later, they recorded their debut EP “Dead Lines” with an official release party on 30th July, 2010.

In January, 2011 the band became a 4-piece as Mick left the band. They returned to the stage in March 2011 with a harder, yet slightly more sophisticated sound, having reworked their repetoire.

Throughout 2011 and 2012 they gigged sporadically, most notably playing support to UK Subs and playing at the 7th annual Nice n Sleazy festival in 2012. A second EP was released at the start of 2012, showcasing their best material so far entitled “Hoc Vitum Novum”.

At the end of 2012, drummer and founder member Steve Ward announced that he would be leaving to concentrate on his metal band “Lizard Tongue”. This was to present a major upheaval for the band, since Steve had been a founder member and a fundamental part of its sound.

In January 2013, the band took to the studio to record all of the previously unrecorded material and from this, a third EP entitled “Ice Cold Sunshine” was released online shortly after.

Steve played his final gig with the band on 9th March, 2013 at The Castle Hotel. It was a very fitting end to a major chapter in the life of the band.

Shortly after the gig, rehearsals commenced with new drummer Liam Brook. Most of the rest of 2013 was spent rehearsing, writing and relearning old material with the new line-up.

The year was rounded off nicely with the band performing a short set in support of Dave Barbarossa’s band “Cauldronated”.