CD review: Dead Lines (Fungalpunk)

Sometimes, just sometimes, a CD comes my way and stands out as a creative piece of talented tuneage seeped in sharp dressed sonica and attired with magnificent lyrical adornments.  Beneath the obvious melodic dress are several more layers to remove at ones own leisure so as to bare all the wonderful intrinsic workings of a thriving musical beast.  Suicide By Cop are such an animal and this CD is a cloak of cool, accomplished wonder to make one sit up, admire and dutifully applaud.  This crew have played a SAS gig for me and whilst impressed I expected nothing of this sort on a silver disc.  Ballad-esque, tinted with punk, emotional, thought-provoking and very listenable the main aspect of the 4 tracks on offer that wins appreciation is the fact that every facet contributes and compliments in equal measure and no participant is found wanting.  In fact lead lass Kaz excels and inspires the band to stretch themselves even further.  This isn’t just good, this is very good and whatever your sub-generic listening pool I insist you have a dabble here.
‘Pretty Young Things’ has a mean initial drive that cruises the streets on confident heels.  A stutter in the step is taken via the verse and one wonders if a faux pas is going to be taken.  No worries need be had and the full essence of these embryonic ponderings is taken as the song explodes into glory via a chorus brimmed with accomplishment.  A tale of wide eyed youthfulness and general naïveté this song works in every department.  Innocent errors, life changing eagerness and uncontrollable zest the rhythmic yarn unfolds with a delicious sub-section where the front lass once more thrives and gently moves through scales with apparent ease.  There is a natural unprocessed craft within the weave here and it isn’t going unnoticed by this punk drunk fucker who may have been blistered by harsh noise but can still crawl through the war zone and see a shining light away from the spiked battlefield.  The wind down is appropriate and this is a start to savour.
‘Deadlines’ rattles in and at once winds its neck in and stop/starts in a sliced and diced first verse stroll.  The chorus awakens further interest and enhances all utterances around the vocal vicinity.  The song seems contained and it is as though the band are playing well within their limits and not stretching themselves too far.  Despite the lack of risk the whole effort is marvellously executed, in keeping with the initial outburst and very professional.  ‘Why Now, Why Me’ adopts a self sorry mode and leaves the lead lady to pour out her feelings on an almost desolate sonic island.  The pressures on and Ms Waye rises to the challenge and produces a vocal victory that is surely an underdog moment of the year.  As if in thanks and celebration the players come more to the fore and assist in making the chorus segment a charm to be hypnotised by and to just fall into and be drowned by.  Over and over I rant on about the underdog cause and many frown, many follow but lack the passion and a few jump on board and really do understand what my ravings mean.  The talent to be unearthed is endless and it is with songs like this that I can point a finger at the doubters and detractors and say ‘hey fuck – I told you so’.  Does it get any better than this?   I am astounded and unashamed to say ‘yes it fuckin’ does’ as ‘Divide And Conquer’ exceeds all that has gone before and knocks this Fungalised git for six.  Delicate, provocative, persuasive, balled-esque and oh so beautifully emotive the build up is subtle, the delivery exquisite and the success stupendous.  I need not go on – you get the drift!
So 4 tracks and all fine by me with 2 of them being utterly amazing.  To push is what I do, to flush is also what I do and now and again I am allowed to gush – live with it and take my words as read here – a total winner for sure!