Greetings from beyond …

Although Suicide By Cop has not been in existence for quite some time, the band actually still receives a fair bit of interest on social media. On Facebook in particular, I am responsible for a number of pages and SBC still gets more new likes than any of them.

If you are one of the new fans to like our page then welcome. I intend to curate and maintain the website going forward, hopefully adding more pics etc. The music we made is all available on the Zeitgeist album, which can be downloaded from Bandcamp. It is unlikely at this time that the band will do anything again, especially with any past line-up but as ever with these things, nothing can ever be certain.

I guess it seems appropriate at this juncture to let you all know what the members have been up to since.

Mick Dunn left the band at the back end of 2010. Since then, he has dabbled with home recordings and developed his interest in sound creation and production techniques, particularly in the new-wave genre. He also significantly contributed to the Bradford music scene for a time with his involvement in a number of venues. However, he moved away a couple of years ago and has not been active since.

Steve Ward left in March 2013 to concentrate on his stoner rock band Lizard Tongue. They have been going great guns since. They remain a solid unit and a significant part of the northern music scene, not only for their own music but also for their support and promotion of other bands via their numerous Lizardfest events amongst other things.

As indicated in previous postings, myself, Kaz, Steve Malley and Liam went on to form Echofire at the beginning of 2015. Echofire is a departure from SBC, taking in more rock influences musically and a very different lyrical approach. After over a year of this arrangement, it was clear that the line-up was no longer working. I left the band in May 2016 shortly followed by Liam. They have since continued with a new line-up and a fresh enthusiasm.

Liam has since been playing in a band with some of the ex-members of Bradford thrash metal band Slammer. I am told it’s early days but he is having a lot of fun with it.

Shortly after I left Echofire, I went on to form a band called Man Down. We are currently preparing for our first EP recording and gig. I have also continued with my goth band Dawn of Elysium, the debut full length album of which will be released in October.

So again, thank you all for your continued interest. It’s heartwarming to know that something we created lives on. I hope you continue to enjoy the album and keep an eye out for all of the various off-shoot projects which I’ll update you all on from time to time.



New beginnings – Echofire

As we announced at the back end of last year, Suicide By Cop has been laid to rest. We decided after 6 years, it was time for a fresh start. That fresh start is in the shape of Echofire. For updates on future activities, please keep checking, subscribe to the RSS feed or hit us up on Facebook or Twitter. There’s not much to tell at the moment but we are hoping to change that pretty soon. Cheers. 😉

Zeitgeist now available on Bandcamp

The Zeitgeist album is now available for digital download on Bandcamp. It’s up for the bargain price of £5 for the full 15 tracks.

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Zeitgeist – the album

Tonight marks the final day of Suicide By Cop as an entity. We have been going since January 2009 and we recently decided after all the changes we’ve been experiencing in especially the last two years, it was time to end the project. The band as a unit will continue in the new year with a brand new name, retaining only the latest material. Both lyrically and musically, we’ve experienced a paradigm shift and what we’re doing now bears little relevance or resemblance to what we started all that time ago. To mark this milestone, we will be playing our final gig tonight at The Northern, Halifax Road, Bradford along with The Dead Beats and we will also be selling copies of our CD. Entitled “Zeitgeist”, it comprises all of the material we recorded throughout the lifetime of the band, consisting of the three EPs and some previously unreleased material. It’s a full length 15 track album approximately an hours running time.

CDs will be onsale at the gig and from the band afterwards priced at £7.

Thank you to everybody who has supported and encouraged us in the last 6 years. See you in the next life!


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The end of the line

After much discussion and deliberation, we have decided to call time on Suicide By Cop. Upon hearing about some of our friends in bands going through changes and making similar decisions, it inspired us to look at our own situation.

We underwent a massive upheaval over 18 months ago when we lost our drummer and founder member Steve Ward and in hindsight, we should have taken this decision back then. In the intervening time, our new music and lyrics have been quite different and whilst Liam has done an admirable job of playing the older material and we played two great gigs, it has not felt like the same band for a long time. It led us to ask ourselves if we should continue trying to make it the same band.

Therefore, the two gigs we have coming up, namely The Black Swan, Bradford on 28th November with Stillwave and The Northern, Halifax Road, Bradford on 5th December will be our last. To co-incide with this we are releasing an album which consists of all of the music we recorded throughout the lifetime of the band from 2009-2013, including the 3 EPs and also some previously unreleased tracks. More news on this release to follow.

Thank you for your support over the last 6 years, it has been quite a ride!

Cauldronated (feat Dave Barbarossa ex-Ants/Bow Wow Wow/Republica) + Suicide By Cop @ Vampire, Bradford (21/12/13)

After what seems like an age, we are finally making a return to the stage this December (21st). For the occasion, we’re lucky enough to be hooking up with original Ants/Bow Wow Wow drummer Dave Barbarossa’s new band Cauldronated at a brand new venue in Bradford called Vampire.

This will give you a taster of what is to come from Suicide By Cop as we air some brand new material, as well as selected songs from our repertoire.

Since Liam started with the band, the music has taken on a slightly darker edge and our choice of past material to include reflects that. He has definitely put his individual stamp on the older stuff whilst not compromising on quality of playing.

We are hoping to step into the studio in the not too distant future to record our first EP with the new line-up and expand on what we’ve done so far into 2014.

Until then, see you in December, it has been too long!

Facebook event page

Nice ‘n’ Sleazy ’13

To re-iterate what we have announced in previous posts, we have experienced a major line-up change in the band this month, as our old drummer Stevie left and Liam jumped onboard. Consequently, this did not leave us with a very big window of time to determine whether or not we could fulfill our previously booked commitment to play at this year’s Nice ‘n’ Sleazy festival in Morecambe, whilst informing the organisers in good time.

After much deliberation, we concluded that we wouldn’t really be ready to perform a decent half-hour set in such a short amount of time. It would have been a long shot anyway.

Many apologies and thanks to Leon, Ivan and crew for considering us and being so understanding. We are sure you won’t have too many problems finding a replacement and we hope to be back at next year’s Sleazy with a new set and sound.

A new chapter

So, after a blinding farewell gig to Stevie last week we have embarked upon the next part of our journey.

We are very pleased to introduce our new drummer Liam Brook. Liam was previously the vocalist for Bradford punk outfit The Drastics and whilst he did a fine job of that, he is also an excellent sticks man. This is his first time behind a kit in many years but after a short, yet very productive rehearsal last night, we feel that he is going to fit right in.

Work has begun in earnest on getting some new material together and we are taking the opportunity to give the band a long overdue spring clean and reboot. We hope to be back playing live later in the year with a fresh outlook, a new set and a new sound. We’ll still be playing some of the old favourites but our main priority for the foreseeable future is to start afresh.

Over the next few days all of our various online pages will be updated to reflect the line-up change. We would like to extend a warm welcome to Liam and we very much look forward to new adventures with him onboard. 🙂

Ice Cold Sunshine – Released!

Ice Cold Sunshine has now been released via our Bandcamp site.


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Ice Cold Sunshine

SBC Ice Cold Sunshine photo

We have been very busy in the studio this weekend laying down the tracks for our third EP as well as some tracks for a planned album release later in the year.

The EP will be entitled “Ice Cold Sunshine” and is set to possess a slightly darker sound than our previous releases. It will be available from mid-February via our Bandcamp page. Again, it will be a 4-track affair and will be priced around £3.50. Our previous releases are still available from Bandcamp.

This will be the last EP to feature drummer Steve Ward as he leaves the band in March. Come and watch him play his final gig with us on 9th March at The Castle Hotel, Bradford.

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