“Stevie’s Last Stand” @ The Castle Hotel, Bradford (09/03/13)


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We need a new drummer!

There have been some changes in Camp Cop recently. It is with heavy heart that we have to say goodbye to our Stevie. For the last year or so, he has been suffering problems with his wrists which has often rendered him pain-ridden after rehearsals and although there have been treatments and improvements in recent times, he made the decision last autumn to leave the band in the New Year. As we previously stated, in addition to this, he has been forging ahead with his new band Lizard Tongue. Stylistically, they play music which is much easier on the wrist for him and so he has chosen to concentrate on that.

We are all very sad to see Stevie go. He was a founder member of the band some 4 years ago and has been an integral part of the sound and attitude of Suicide By Cop ever since.

So, this brings us to the arduous task of finding a replacement. Drummers are often in short supply. However, we have faith that somewhere out there is the right person for the job. We’ve had one or two pieces of interest but nothing that has been taken further than casual enquiries as yet.

In the immediate future, we are tying up the loose ends with Stevie and doing some more recording as well as one last farewell gig in late February or early March. However, we would be looking at hooking up with a new drummer in the next few weeks as we want to crack on. 2012 was not our most productive of years and we don’t want to let the grass grow under us in 2013 so to speak.

We rehearse at Voltage Studios, Bradford and we are looking for someone who ideally has their own transport and certainly has their own equipment. If you are interested or know anyone who might be interested then please get in touch at suicidebycopuk@gmail.com. Our recordings so far can be heard at http://reverbnation.com/suicidebycop. We already have gigs in the pipeline for later in the year and as soon as we get sorted will be on the lookout for more. If you can help in our search, then please repost a link or retweet this article.

From all of us, Happy New Year and all the best for 2013.

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We’re still here

It has been over a year since our last news update. Since the end of last summer, it has been a funny old year for all of us for various reasons and that thing called life has interfered with the operating of the band to some degree. Live gigs have been a bit thin on the ground as we have had a multitude of external issues to contend with which have unfortunately led to limited time in the rehearsal room.

That said, we have been keeping our hand in with the odd gig and even managed to land ourselves a slot on 2012 Nice n Sleazy punk festival in Morecambe. We had a great time and would very much like to thank Leon, Ivan and everyone involved for the experience and we would very much love to come and play again next year.

At the back end of 2011, we recorded our second EP, entitled Hoc Vitum Novum. This is currently available to listen to on our Reverbnation page and is available from the band on CD. This was released in January and received a very favourable review from veteran Dave Fungalpunk. We have tentative plans to record a third EP and to up the ante with promoting our music towards the back end of the year.

We have been writing new material in the background as and when we get the opportunity and we hope to build on this in the coming months.

In other related news:

Our Kaz is getting married in October to her partner, Izak Gloom whom some of you may know as axe man in doom merchants Lazarus Blackstar. We are all over the moon for both of them and are looking forward to the big day.

Sticks-man Stevie Ward has been dabbling with a new project for some time now and after a number of iterations, they have settle on a line-up and a name. Lizard Tongue have been honing their stoner/sludge sound for the past few months now and should be ready to take to the stage later in the year.

Guitarist Alec Marlow has embarked on a new project too. Dawn of Elysium is a goth rock band, taking influences from sounds such as Fields of the Nephilim, Bauhaus, Pink Floyd, Nick Cave and The Cure. Recordings and gigs should be happening in the next couple of months.

Despite setbacks and other projects, we remain the best of friends. As we approach the end of our 4th year together, we are enjoying it more than ever and rest assured, you have not seen or heard the last from us by a long chalk.

Hopefully, it won’t be over a year until the next update!

Suicide Summer

Well, how’s it all going folks? We are approaching the latter half of this year’s summer and let me tell you it has been a blast for us. In the last 5 months or so since March, we have played 8 gigs at 7 different venues and we have also taken 6 weeks or so off over the last couple of months as we reached the inevitable period of summer where we all had other commitments. This is compared with all of 2010, where we played 7 gigs all year, 6 of which were at the same venue. It has been very liberating to break out of that rut. We are hardly the busiest of bands by a long chalk but it has been great to get about a bit and it has been nice when venues have wanted us back. The chemistry has also been great working as a 4-piece and we are more in sync with each other than ever before.

We hope to get some more recording done in the back end of the summer/towards autumn so keep checking back for details of that.

Our next gig is on 16th September down at The Brewery Tap in Idle. It’s a bash to celebrate our good friend Theresa’s 40th and we’ll be playing with The Negatives and The Drastics. It will be a right good shindig, so get down if you can.

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Right Up The Bracket


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Spring is in the air

For the past couple of months or so, we have been practicing as a 4-piece and our sound has definitely taken on a more punk edge than ever before. Of the songs we have already written, we have managed to comfortably play most of them as a 4-piece thus far, reworking things as necessary along the way. Although we have missed out on some rehearsal time for various reasons, we have still been ploughing on and are feeling more focussed and excited than we have in a while. We have a handful of gigs booked already with more in the pipeline and are looking forward to getting out there and smashing it!

2011 – New Year, New Start

2011 and a new year and new start for us cops. After discussions and the realisation of certain incompatibilities, Mick has decided to leave the band. Mick has been with us from the beginning in January 2009. Often keyboardists are assumed to be an add-on instrument but this was certainly not the case with Mick. His musical contribution was significant and his part in creating the songs we have up to press will continue to be valued.

In the short term, we shall be continuing as a four-piece and will be taking some time to rejig / reshape the sound. It is not known at this time which of the current songs we will continue to play with the modified line-up but we’ll give them all a go and see what works. It will also be a good opportunity to work on some new material. We are all itching to get back into the studio and get practicing again after our 2 month hiatus.

As far as a replacement for Mick goes, if a prospective keyboardist turns up, then we will certainly consider it but good ones are notoriously difficult to find. We have also briefly discussed the possibility of adding an additional guitarist into the mix instead if the right person comes along but for the foreseeable future, we are happy as we are.

Our next planned gig will be at Delius in mid-March as part of Mind The Music 3. More news on this as it unfolds.

Happy new year everyone!

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Favourite Song

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Why Suicide By Cop?

People often ask me where the name “Suicide By Cop” comes from. If you want to read about the phenomenon itself, then Wikipedia gives a pretty good explaination.

Within the context of this band, it was more a case of the name kind of choosing the band, rather than us choosing a name for the band.

I was inspired primarily by the series of films called “Zeitgeist” and the reference is more metaphoric than literal. As a society, we are (without realising) commiting Suicide By Cop. We are allowing authority to impose so many rules, allowing (mainstream) media to curb our individuality and corrupt our outlook on each other with misinformation. We are allowing ourselves to be led by authorities who use fear, hatred and envy to control our behaviour, to ensure our submission to their will. From the “X-Factor” to corporate pressures to religious ideals through to the so called “War On Terror”, the general populus are led like sheep, day in day out.

The name just came to me after watching the films and this coupled with my friend Johna saying to me that “punk is probably more relevant now than it ever was”, I decided that I had to set up the band and say a few things to the world. Not all of our songs quite take this lyrical direction but most of them take a sociological viewpoint.

Musically, we are not a straight punk band but that is certainly where we all stem from. Stevie Ward and I played in a punk band just prior to SBC, Mick’s all time favourite era for music is the post punk of the late 70’s and early 80’s, Kaz is a huge punk fan and Steve Malley is well into the goth scene. Having said all that, we are not really  into pigeon holing. Take a listen to the songs for yourselves and make your own mind up.

It didn’t come as much of a surprise to me that there were other bands with the same name, some which existed long before us, some who are currently operating and some who have set up since we started. The other outfits we have come across have been either US or mainland Europe based anyway so it is unlikely, certainly in the short term that we shall ever cross paths. With the exception of one kid from Youngstown, Ohio who calls himself “Black Mike” getting snotty with us, it has generally not been a problem.

For the reasons explained above, I have never even considered renaming the band. We might not be the first to use the name, I would bet that we won’t be the last but one thing is for sure, we are called Suicide By Cop for a reason !

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